learning objectives

  1. Students will study creative writing conventions and dynamic performance techniques with the some of the most accomplished spoken word artists in the last decade.
  2. Students will learn the roots and tradition of the spoken word movement, including the 30-year history of the poetry slam competition.
  3. Students will acquire critical-thinking skills to be applied in their creative and academic writing.
  4. Students will develop ample performance experience in a safe and supportive environment.
  5. Students will engage in meaningful discourse by connecting with students and counselors from different backgrounds and ideologies.

Since Slam Camp,

I feel like I have become a much better person in general. I am less judgmental of people's actions and opinions and I tend to forgive and love more often than I don't. [I am now] studying Creative Writing with a focus in Poetry at Bowling Green State University. 

      - Keaghan, Slam Camp Alum 2016