Our academy has a limited number of scholarships available to students in need with special consideration given to applications from low income families and/or applications from underrepresented student populations.

There are two types available: one that covers half of the cost of tuition and one that covers all of tuition. You do not need to identify which you are applying for. Recipients of scholarships are still required to arrange their own travel and related expenses. The number of scholarships given is dependent on the number of students who have enrolled in the academy.

In addition to filling out the following form, applicants must email mandatory proof of financial hardship (along with any other optional documents) to info@slamcamp.org. Please save each attachment in the following format: StudentName.TitleofDocument. For example, candidate Joanne would attach three documents titled JoanneDoe.ProofofHarship, JoanneDoe.LetterofRecommendation, and JoanneDoe.WritingSample. All submissions and materials are due by midnight on May 24th.

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