In preparation for our seventh year of Slam Camp, the counselors reached out to alumni to see where they’ve been since attending our summer institute:

“I am currently a sophomore at Illinois Wesleyan University, with a major in Computer Science and a Minor in Creative Writing. I now run the poetry group on campus and use much of what I learned from Slam Camp in helping poets in my community.” – Johnny

“I am at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, studying Neuroscience and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. I wouldn’t be studying WGS without the knowledge of my experiences at Slam Camp.” – Kyra

“I'll be moving to Arkansas next fall to start school at John Brown University with a major in Youth ministry and a minor in Worship ministry. Before Slam Camp I had never experienced a strong community in a secular environment, and it was so refreshing and encouraging to be part of that.” – Isabella

“I am graduating in May 2018 from St. Catherine University with a degree in American Sign Language and Women's Studies. I've become braver and bolder because of what I learned at Slam Camp. I know I have important things to say, and now I am less afraid to say them.” – Mary Beth

“I am attending University of Southern Indiana with an early elementary education major and criminal justice minor so I can teach at juvenile detention centers. After camp, I became so much more outgoing and it’s helped me gain a lot of friends in college.” – Madison


We asked students how Slam Camp helped them prepare for college and their respective careers:

“Learning the importance of community from Slam Camp has helped me in all aspects of my life, from school to work to friendships.” – Brianna

“Slam Camp was my first experience of living on a college campus and having a roommate and eating in a cafeteria every day (I'm homeschooled). Because I plan to attend college next fall, I will in every way benefit from already having had the experience of navigating a college-based experience.” – Gemma

“I'm able to talk to people easier because Slam Camp increased my self-esteem.” – Zach

“Slam Camp really helped in getting me out of my comfort zone. It helped to boost my confidence and actually talk to people. And because of that, I can stand up for myself better now and bring new and creative ideas into the workplace.” – Molly

Most importantly, we asked graduates what Slam Camp taught them about themselves:

“Slam camp taught me to speak confidently about what I'm feeling and to not feel ashamed for it.” – Rylie

“Slam Camp gave me the strength to come out to myself and my family; gave me a sense of self-worth; taught me to choose friends who are worth my time; and that I can do the things that mean the most to me, even if they seem too difficult.” – Amelia

“My poetry has never stopped evolving since my first year at camp. After my second and final year, the craft became more about what my intentions were rather than my ability- something that carries on outside of the page. I have learned everything about who I am as a student, a child, a woman, and a person on this Earth.” – Taylor

“I am more powerful than I think.” – Anastasia